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Parish Planning Council Notes 4/16/19

April 21, 2019
By Steve Berman
Parish Planning Council Meeting - April 16, 2019
Attending: Dann Keiser, Chris Rowan, Pastor French, Pastor Heckert, Mindy Schlotman, Mike O'Donnell, Jake Rogers, Heather Brooks, Lynn Beckham, Julie Grott, Steve Berman
I. Opening Prayer - Pastor French opened the meeting with prayer
II. Approval of March 2019 meeting minutes - Pastor French made a motion to approve the March 2019 meeting minutes as presented. Mike O'Donnell offered a second and the motion carried
III. Unsung Servants - The following were nominated for their efforts in making the St. James Food Pantry a success: Jack Myer, Lee Theesfeld, Mike Theesfeld, Dan Crouse, Jane Crouse, Tom Crouse, Steve Decker, Larry Zarse, Rosie Swanson, Bonnie Clark, Anda Schaaf, Les Ricks, Carol Ricks, Jean Carr, Sandy Kull, J & K Supply, and Ed Swanson. The nominations were approved. 
IV. New Business
a. Employee Contracts - Dann Keiser spoke about employee contracts and the role of the Board of Human Resources to help identify and rectify any administrative challenges. Mike O'Donnell mentioned that Kristy McCain is anticipated to be the next Chair of the Board of Human Resources (pending Voters approval). Mike also mentioned Kristy is presently serving on the Nominating Committee. There were some questions and discussion regarding the Board of Youth
V. Old Business
a. Budget - Mindy Schlotman made a few comments regarding the budget numbers as she referred to the written document. Mindy mentioned that she had met with everyone except for the Board of Youth. Income and expense line items were discussed and there were several questions and answers. Discussion continued and consensus was reached to make changes to school staff wages, Pastor's auto allowance, Youth program and custodial staff beginning wage. Pastor French then called the question and it was approved. Pastor French then made a motion to approve the budget as modified to send to Voters. The motion was seconded and approved
VI. Financial Report - Dann Keiser
a. Starlah Smith was absent and Mindy Schlotman left the PPC meeting after the budget discussion. Dann Keiser, referring to the balance sheet and profit and loss report, mentioned that we were not in the line of credit
VII. Board of Stewardship - Vacant
a. No report. Mike O'Donnell mentioned Jenny Rodenberg is the only board member continuing into the new term
VIII. Pastor's Report - Pastor French, Pastor Heckert
a. Pastor French reported on his preparations for Holy week, Jr. High Confirmation (4/28) and Jr. High First Communion (5/5). Pastor French also shared there is a Pastors conference on 5/13-5/14. Pastor Heckert had no report
 IX. Board of Elders - Mike O'Donnell
a. Mike O'Donnell reported that the Board is trying to get the Care Calling going. Aside from the Board of Elders, Mike then gave an update from the Nominating Committee. He explained the Committee anticipates publishing a slate three weeks before Voters but will try for four. Dann Keiser mentioned that at the next meeting, PPC will need to approve anyone that is going over two terms
X. Principals Report - Jake Rogers
Jake Rogers reported the following from his written report:
a. Total School House = 236 students = 145 (Kdg-8) + 91 (In, Td, Pre-school & PreK) [Harmony Reporting]. 2018-2019 School Choice Scholarship: $224,128.81 ('17-'18=$211,377.93) ('16-'17=$190,435.50) ('15-'16=$213,103)
b. Happenings at St. James Lutheran School
  • Enrollment & Tuition for 2019-2020 will be coming out shortly. School Budget, which includes Tuition & Fees, is in its final stages by the Board of Education (BOE)
    • School Choice Scholarship application will be applied for once BOE has and accepted the tuition & fees to the IDOE for the 2019-2020 school year
  • 2019-2020 Calendar...has been approved and adopted. The "bare bones" calendar is located on the website under the Calendar tab. The "Full" Calendar is being planned to be published at the end of April
  • Textbook adoption: Reading is being planned for upgrade over the summer
  • ILEARN will be administered to students in Gr. 3-8 starting on April 22. Thank you to Carol Huth, our teachers and our pullout proctors for organizing and assisting the testing accommodations
  • St. James Auction is April 13. Thank you to our incredible Auction Committee for their time and talents toward our school
  • Congratulations: to the St. James Class of 2019 Valedictorian and Salutatorian. Hope Plassard is the Valedictorian, and Katie Baumgartner & Maya Schoon are the Co-Salutatorians. Congratulations and God's blessings to you and to all of our graduates
  • Makeup Days!! These are the days that St. James WILL BE IN SESSION:
    • Monday, April 22 (for our missed day on January 30
    • Friday, May 10 (for our missed day on January 31)
  • NLSA - being planned for mid-March, 2020. Early Childhood also going through Accreditation process
  • International Student Program Update
c. St. James Lutheran School Calendar 2018-2019:
  • April 7 Confirmation Examination
  • April 9 6-8 Play, 6pm
  • April 11 PTL Mtg., 6pm
  • April 13 St. James Auction
  • April 14 Palm Sunday
  • April 19 Good Friday, Chapel Service @2pm
  • April 21 Easter Sunday, He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!!
  • April 22 - May 17 ILEARN, Gr.3-8
  • April 26 LuHi Fine Arts Festival
  • April 28 8th Grade Confirmation, 10:30am
  • May 5 8th Grade 1st Communion, 10:30am
  • May 7 Spring Concert, 6pm
  • May 8 Sports Banquet
  • May 10 Athletic Fundraiser Fish Fry
  • May 12-18 8th Grade Washington, DC Trip
  • May 20 Student Recognition Assembly, 1:30pm
  • May 21 Graduation, 7pm
  • May 22 Last Day, End of 4th Quarter
  • May 23 EOY Faculty Meeting, TBD
XI. Board of Christian Education - Heather Brooks, Lynn Beckham
a. Heather Brooks reported that the Board of Christian Education submitted their budget. She then spoke about the topics of handicap accessibility and academic testing regarding placement 
XII. Board of Youth - Karrie Tarter (absent)
a. No report
XIII. Board of Parish Education - Becky Rowan (absent)
a. Chris Rowan reported that all classes are planned through June. He also mentioned that we still need a Superintendent of Sunday School. Pastor French mentioned that Pastor Gore from Monticello, IN was interested in teaching a class. 
XIV. Board of Human Resources - Mark Bunton (absent)
a. No report
XV.  Board of Evangelism - Jerry Ripke (absent)
a. No report
XVI. Board of Church Properties - Russ Shoemaker (absent)
In Russ Shoemaker's absence his written report was shared with PPC. Following are the details:
a. Sanctuary Restoration
  • Discussed status of Open issues
    • Alter and Balcony - Shoe mold trim complete after Lent season (Summer Project)
    • Sanctuary pews with defects will be replaced by Manufacturer in near future
      • Submitted dimensions to Manufacturer on pews needing repaired
b. Discussed funding Sanctuary Restoration Project - Project cost $293,010
  • Russ submitted Memo to Congregation on why negative balance occurred
    • Latest status of payoff of Restoration is (-$8,500)
  • Russ discussed with PPC and Voters Assembly he would ask Voters Assembly to allow Business Manager to utilize Line of Credit to cover balance remaining if money is not raised by time final billing is received
c. Board set timeline of projects for summer 2019 Project list
  • Reviewed quotes for summer projects 
    • Board identified order/timeline of projects
    • Identified final funding of projects
  • Finished timeline for 2019 projects and discussed with Custodial Supervisor and Business Manager for concerns and problems that might be a conflict
d. Actions taken since last PPC meeting in March
  • Youth Building roof replaced Paid by St. James Foundation
  • Parish Center Kitchen - Repaired Kitchen convection oven M&R
  • Church Office - Hard wired Door #6 access camera (Batteries not lasting) M&R

e. Start Date Schedule for 2019 Summer Projects

  • Parish Center  -New roofs (upper & lower) flat roofs - Project started (final cost $7,600)
    • Completed 4-13-19 (Stairwell roof to Band Room and Band Room roof)
  • Parish Center  -Repair tile floor at door entries (8th St., Cincinnati St., Fellowship Hall, Church Handicap Dr.)
    • Presently under way Project started (Irv Dieterle)
  • Sanctuary - Reseal loose roof shingles ($4,650) 2018 Insurance Settlement
    • June 4th
  • Old School/Parish Center - New bottle filler drinking fountains - Dutch Auction 2019 funds
    • Start May 27th & finish wk. of June 4th
  • Parish Center - Remodel Boys/Girls Restrooms, upper level - Dutch Auction 2019 funded
    • Start June 1st & finish 2nd wk. July
  • Parish Center - New Ceiling & Lights - KG, 1st, 2nd, and Title#1 rm. Maintenance & Repair (M&R), Dutch Auction, Member
    • Start June 10th and finish July 1st Est. ($2,660) M&R
  • Sanctuary & Cafeteria - Repair sidewalk between buildings & improve water drainage  (M&R)
    • Start July 8th and finish wk. of July 15th Est. ($3,500) M&R
  • Parish Center - New flooring in Pre-K room by library (if money raised)
  • New Gym/Church Office - Complete intercom project Dutch Auction 2019 funds
f. Maintenance & Repair  Est. Cost
$3,500 Sanctuary and Cafeteria - Repair sidewalk and improve water drainage (M&R)
$2,660 Parish Center Lower level classrooms - Dutch Auction, Church Member & M&R
$6,160 M&R Cost - Total Cost
 $48,000 Budget - 2018-19 (M&R)
-$38,000 YTD spent
 $10,000 Remaining budget balance
XVII. President's Report - Dann Keiser
a. Dann Keiser made a few comments regarding the inactives project. Dann mentioned that he has had some good conversations. He also described that many numbers were disconnected. Names were being removed from the list and letters have been sent. Next, Dann informed PPC that there was a constitutional review meeting on April 24th at 6:00p.m. 
XVIII. Other
a. There was some discussion regarding the date of the next PPC meeting and consensus was reached to change the date to Monday, May 20th, 2019 at 7:30p.m.
b. Chris Rowan, Vice President, mentioned that he sent out a survey regarding Serving God's Mission
XIX. Closing Prayer
a. Pastor Heckert closed the meeting with prayer.
Respectfully submitted by Steve Berman, Secretary
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