Please see below for Grading and Dress Code policies.

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Choir FAQ

Is my child in choir?
All students in Pre-K – Grade 5 are automatically members of one of our school choirs.  Students in grades 6-8 will audition for a place in the choir.
How often do the choirs perform?
Each choir will perform 3-4 times per semester.  Some of these performances will be in a concert format; others will be part of our weekly church services at St. James.
Does my child have to perform with the choir on Sunday mornings?
Church performances will be an expectation at approximately 3 times per semester.  For grades 3 – 5, participation in the church services will be part of their music grade (there will not be a separate choir grade). Junior High Choir grading policies available separately.  Sunday morning church services are at 8:00 and 10:30.
How are performances graded (grades 3-5 and Junior High Choir)?
A – Attend and participate at required service(s)
B – Attend only one service (when singing at both the 8:00 and 10:30 services)
C – Does not attend, but parent informs director in writing prior to Sunday morning
F – Does not attend; parent does not contact director prior to Sunday morning
What time is my child expected to be at  St. James for performances?
15 minutes before the performance begins unless otherwise notified. Please do not come any earlier as last minute preparations do not allow me to supervise your children before that time.
Does my child need to stay through the whole service?
The St. James congregation looks forward to the school choirs’ singing in church and welcome the school families to stay for the whole service.  We offer Sunday School for all ages between the services at 9:15 and hope that your family will stay and continue to study God’s Word with us.  Typically, students are released at approximately 10:45 if their choir sings at both services.
Is there a uniform/dress code for performances?
Choir members should wear their church best for Sunday morning performances.  Junior High Choir dress code for concerts will be announced in the News and Notes as we get closer to that date.

All students in Grades 3-5, Junior High Choir and Band students will be selling Butter Braids this fall.  Please be watching for more information in the News and Notes.  Thank you to Mrs. Schoon for organizing this fundraiser!