LCMS Servant Events

 For more than 25 years, tens of thousands of Lutheran youth have participated in LCMS sponsored servant events around the United States, learning that serving others can make a difference because of Jesus Christ.    

+   Servant events are a great opportunity for Christian service by young people and adults. 

+   Servant events are a great way to grow in understanding of God’s call to service through worship, Bible study, work reflection, and community building. 

+   Servant events are a unique opportunity for people to experience new places, new people and possibly a different culture. 

+   Servant events are a way to relate experiences of service to daily life and faith. 

+   Servant events are a way to take people out of their daily routines, encourage them to practice Christ’s unconditional love, serve people in ways thee enrich their lives, and share their faith in practical ways. 

+   Servant events are opportunities for serving and being served in the way Christ served us! 

Servant events are designed for youth in the 9th through 12th grade.   The next opportunity for our youth group to participate in an LCMS sponsored Servant Event will be in the summer of 2014.