Mrs. Farrington's News

May 7 - May 11

PE: Group Games

8th Algebra: Mon-Wed Review; Thurs and Fri Final over Ch. 6-10

7th Math:  Ch. 12 Probability - Quiz over 12.1-12.4 Friday

6th Math: Ch. 11 Solving Equations with Integers; Ch 11 Test on Friday

5th Math: Ch 11 Geometry - Test next week

Health: 7th - Cyber Bullying   8th - Your Future   Sex Education 5th-8th

Athletics - - - - - - 

*Please turn in your clean track uniforms, no later than Wednesday, May 9th.






03:00 PM - 04:00 PM - Twirler practice (Athletic Other Organizations)

06:30 PM - 08:00 PM - Sports Banquet (Athletic Other Organizations)


11:30 AM - 12:30 PM - Soccer Shots (Preschoolers) (School Activity)

03:00 PM - 04:00 PM - Soccer Shots (Preschoolers) (School Activity)

Friday: None

Saturday: None

Sunday: None



PE: Every student needs a lock on their gym locker. Please make sure that you bring one in if you havent already. More PE uniforms have been ordered. If you ordered a uniform at orientation night, your student's order has now been placed. Please allow a week or two for us to recieve that order from "The Athlete". We are currently studying Volleyball!

5th Math: Chapter 1 Lessons 6-9 We will be working on the Mid-Chapter Quiz on Monday. Plan on having a test next week.

6th Math: Chapter 1 Lesson 5-9 We have a quiz on Monday over 1.1-1.4. A test over Ch 1 will be next week. 

7th Math: Chapter 1 Lesson 5-8  There will be a short quiz on Friday. A test over Ch 1 will be next week. 

8th Math: Chapter 1 Lesson 4-8 There will be a test over Ch 1 next week.

Health 7/8th: We are disucssing Goal Setting and making our own goals that we will check in with during the school year. Following this, we will be working on a group project, digging deeper into various areas of our health.


VB: Practice 4:30-6p on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesay and Friday; First Varisty (Team A) game 6pm at Attica

Soccer: Monday-5:00p practice at Faith; Wednesday - 5:30p practice at LCofN; Friday- 5:30 First Game vs Lafayette Christian @ Lafayette Church of the Nazarene.

*Big Change: Tournament Dates have been changed! Soccer Tournament at Calvery will be on Sept 22-23; Volleyball Tournament at Trintiy will be on Sept 29-30.