Mrs. Keiser's News

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     We have had a good start to our school year!  So many people have worked hard to get us to this point.  Hats off to staff and parents and students for being here and being GLAD TO BE HERE!

     Sixth Grade LA are figuring out how to keep all of the spokes on the LA wheel turning well.  It takes awhile to feel comfortable.  Hang in there--you'll get it.  Check out Google classroom for LA 6 this week for assignments.  This will be updated as needed.

     Seventh grade has come back in quite smoothly.  We welcome our two new students, Brian Frakes and Banon Moore--we are happy you have joined us!

     Eighth graders are being good role models an helping out with crossing guard--figuring it all out well!  

     For this week, all grades have a spelling packet.  The 7th and 8th received a completion grade for their sp and voc work last week and now it's onto the "real deal"--Both of them have S and V worksheets due Thursday with a test on Friday.  Sixth grade has an in-class packet with some take home homework about the rules of spelling instead of the typical list.

      All classes have handwriting packets.  We will have a couple assignments here at first and then we will wait awhile while they "practice" and then we will assign again.  Handwriting packets are worked on over the semester.  All classes also have a grammar packet--8th grade has nouns//7th grade has punctuation//6th grade has nouns and pronouns.

     The seventh grade and eighth grade have idiom packets.  They will be assigned mostly weekly until the packet is done.  It is ok to help your student understand an idiom and write an example.  It is good to talk idioms out.

     We are doing daily warm ups in class and lots of journaling, or daily short writing assignments.  Student should be writing those down on their daily planning sheets.  

     This is a general outline.  Your student should be writing down assignments daily.

     Enjoy this week!

          Mrs. Keiser