Mrs. Keiser's News

How would it feel, to not be able to smile?
What if you always wanted to hide your face?  
What if you couldn’t eat, drink or talk without having pain?
What if all of these problems could be easily fixed with a $250 surgery?

Smile Train, an organization that has been changing children’s lives since 1999, performs surgeries all over the world for children with cleft lips/ palates. They have performed over one million surgeries in 85 different countries. They use the “ teach a man to fish” method by teaching doctors to perform cleft lip surgeries. Smile Train believes that we can change the world one smile at a time!

The 7th and 8th grades are doing a literary unit on If You’re Reading This. In the book,  US soldiers in Afghanistan meet a young girl with a cleft lip. The soldiers collect money so the  girl can have the necessary corrective surgery. The 7th and 8th grades looked into organizations that help people with this problem around the world and decided that a Christmas gift we could give is the gift of a smile to a child with a cleft lip. The cost for one surgery is 250 dollars, so students are bringing in $7.80 per person.  It seems like so little to help some child so much.  The classes will have their funds collected by Friday, December 16.  If anyone else would like to donate, see Mrs.Keiser.

[For more information about Smile Train, visit their website at Please hop on the smile train:]