3rd grade

November 20

The Social Studies Fair went great on Thursday evening.  Thank you!  Enjoy Thanksgiving Break with family and friends.  We have so much to be thankful for.  

Chapel offerings for the month of November are to support the St. James food pantry.  We have 114 items!  Keep bringing in items for the month of November.

The Kindergarten - 3rd grade Christmas Service is on December 1 at 6:00.  There was a green paper that went home with the third grade speaking part.  We say a reading together.  

Students should be taking 1-2 AR quizzes each week. Check with your child how they are doing on AR.

What we are studying this week?

Religion - God the Father's Gracious Gifts  - Thanksgiving

Memory -

Recite by November 22 -

Now, we can share the truth we know   As messengers, where’er we go.

All Children: From heav’n above,  People: To earth in love!


Recite by November 29 -

The shepherds marveled at the Word.   Their minds were shocked; their hearts were stirred. 

 They ran to see this wonder new:  The Savior born for me and you!   

And when they saw the promised Lord,  Their joy and adoration soared.

They spread the news both far and wide: Across the quiet countryside!

Third Grade: From heav’n above,  People: To earth in love!

Reading - No reading test this week.  We are reading a taking AR quizzes though. 

Spelling - No spelling test this week. 

Math - Chapter 5 - Use Multiplication Facts - We are studying X6 facts this week again. 

Science - We will continue our science unit on sound by learning how sound can travel. 

Social Studies - This week we are focusing on learning about the south middle states.  There will be a quiz over the capitals on Wednesday.  The South Middle States include - New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana. 

Have a great week and wonderful Thanksgiving!