Athletic Program

Our athletic program is an extension of the overall school ministry here at St. James. The aim of St. James athletics is to facilitate the goals of St. James Lutheran School through sports activities.

Our mission is to mature our students spiritually and academically to their highest standards. In partnership with home, school, and church, we strive to develop disciples of Jesus Christ. One of the major goals of the athletic program is to help students learn to apply Christian principles to their lives. Dealing with success, as well as frustrations and failure, understanding teamwork, and maintaining a proper Christian attitude in sports and in daily life. The athletic program strives to develop fundamental skills and improve individual and team abilities.  In addition, St. James athletics focuses on the life lessons that participating in sports can teach such as self-discipline, commitment, priority-setting, perseverance, hardwork, teamwork, and earning a position on the team. 


1)     To teach our athletes to be thankful for their God given talents. 
2)     That all of life is worship, including athletics. 
3)     To practice Christian love among students, parents, and coaches. 
4)     To provide Christian discipline when a problem arises. 
5)     To develop character traits such as responsibility, leadership, sportsmanship, teamwork, and self-control. 
6)     To stimulate school spirit and pride without compromising respect toward others. 
7)     To develop fundamental skills and knowledge of the rules of respective sports. 
8)     To prepare our athletes for high school level athletics. 
9)     To provide a positive athletic experience for each athlete and to encourage a lifelong enjoyment of sport and recreational activities.


St. James has produce many young Christian male and female student athletes who have gone on to have very successful high school and college careers in multipe sports.  The most recent notable St. James Alumni would be Clayton Richard who was Indiana's Mr. Football and Mr. Baseball.  He went to the University of Michigan on a baseball scholarship and is now playing in the major leagues. 



Season Sport Grades

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Girls and Boys Soccer




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Girls and Boys Track